Ambient albums reddit

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Ambient albums reddit

It looks like you're using an ad blocker. That's cool! We get it : You can support us by sharing this story or following us on Facebook. This article is in collaboration with JBL. Check out their new Link 10 and 20 speakers now! So with a hefty battery life ticked off, having the right music is next on the list, and the playlist is crucial. For the perfect home set-up, you can really look no further than Ambient.

Ambient music is a genre that, put simply, manages to challenge the active listener while conveying a simplicity that can make it seem distant and non-demanding. Some might describe Ambient as background noise, as that is essentially the end goal; a style of music is almost more of a sonic foundation for other things to build upon.

We decided to share our favourite ambient albums, ranging from releases back in the 70s right up until now, to remind ourselves and readers of the true majesty that is Ambient production. Artists such as the aforementioned Brian Eno, Tim Hecker and William Basinski are just of the few we have mentioned in this short list, and despite each having their own unique take on music — building their own legacies over the years — they can all be placed under the umbrella of Ambient.

This list is just the tip of the Ambient iceberg. Enjoy our list below — in no particular order — and let the ambience either put you to sleep or get you thinking! What are some other ambient albums that you love? New or old, we want to hear them.

ambient albums reddit

Moreover, if their are up and coming Ambient artists you have discovered lately, be sure to share them with us. Comments Show comments. Related Posts.Contact General Enquiries: crack crackmagazine. Trends in music can often indicate cultural shifts; a zeitgeist-y reflection of our surrounding socio-political climates and anxieties.

Far from being arbitrary patterns, a surge of interest in soothing, ambient sounds aligns with times of uncertainty.

ambient albums reddit

Last year, ambient came back in a big way. A knock-on effect is the rediscovery of previously forgotten Japanese ambient and new age records from the 80s. Long-buried works have been peeled from their original casings, uploaded onto YouTube and propelled into cult classics. Befitting our current era, the appeal of these ambient LPs from the 80s is their focus on enhancing, and shifting, existing environments.

Rather than offering a reprieve in the form of an escape, many of these Japanese artists practised sound design as a way to complement or alter physical locations into spaces of serenity and stillness. Green is an example of Japanese minimalism at its finest, with the melding of natural sounds — via birds, running water and crickets — to the artificiality of arpeggiating synths and soft, minimal notes deployed to poignant effect.

The result is a soundscape of light, soothing textures for listeners to sink into. A highly influential artist who first began making music in the psychedelic rock group Apryl Fool, in HMV Japan ranked Hosono as the 44th most vital composer in the country. Diverging from the harder sounds of psych rock, Watering a Flower sees Hosono weave a more meditative soundscape, filled with hypnotic refrains.

Only one track was used at the time, and the cassette has since become a rarity buried in the sands of time. Experimentations with layered African rhythms, bamboo percussion and marimbas form the backbone of each LP.

Released via the Japanese imprint Better Days, Ki-Motion is fleshed out with more meditative tracks than its predecessor, employing gloomy marimbas and glittering textures that are woven into a tapestry of playful ambience. Bunkering down in her studio for two days, the album was created entirely on analogue tape and it sees Takada explore a range of instruments, from marimbas to gongs, cowbells and rattles, combining her experimentations with non-Western rhythms.

Bird sounds were imitated through ocarinas and, after failing to craft her desired sonics through sake bottles, Takada began experimenting with Coca-Cola glasses.

A mystical output, the classic follows her DIY approach in manipulating accessible objects into musical components. As the bandleader of Japanese group Mariah, the multi-hyphenate is also an esteemed saxophonist and prolific collaborator, having worked with famed composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, DJ Towa Tei and commercial titans such as Honda.

Later, at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Yoshimura began creating sounds inspired by the space. Originally released to soundtrack the institution, a demand for his sounds culminated in a vinyl release in Built upon a foundation of nine short refrains, each track blossoms and unfolds to the gradual movement of clouds Yoshimura saw outside his window that day. Telfort is an integral part of the dance music scene in Edinburgh.

Arter97 razer phone 2

Here he probes at the confines of house music with fluctuating intensity. Cryptic aesthetics and maximalism defined the first era of Amnesia Scanner. Issue out now across Europe and New York.By clicking on "Continue to Site", you consent to our Terms of Service and the use of technologies such as cookies by us and our partners to deliver relevant advertising on our site, in emails and across the Internet, personalize content and perform site analytics.

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ambient albums reddit

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This may include third parties who assist us in identifying which ads to deliver and third parties who deliver the advertisements.It's almost impossible to put your finger on something as amorphous as ambient music. In spite of mounds of academic writing and manifestos on the subject, the genre remains as elusive and gauzy as ever. Perhaps a concise definition could be: music for liminal spaces, either real or imagined.

Inambient is most often found in private settings or art-related spaces: museums, galleries, college concert halls. But once upon a time in the '90s, chill-out rooms playing ambient music at raves and electronic music festivals were common. The following list is ambient for beginners. We kept it to proper albums and limited it to the 20th century. By pinning themselves to something specific and of this world, the composers allow themselves the freedom to explore abstract forms and sublime cosmic architecture.

Wendy Carlos, Sonic Seasonings This early work by synth pioneer Wendy Carlos which, unfortunately, is not available online was released a year after she composed the score for A Clockwork Orange. Many ambient producers have had success scoring films, as the nature of ambient music and the dreamlike language of cinema go together like crystals and patchouli. As the years go on, Carlos' influence as one of electronic music's most enduring tinkerers has become more and more apparent.

Seasonings is a gorgeous piece divided into a sections devoted to each of the seasons, as if Vivaldi was into modular synths. Tangerine Dream, Phaedra Not all ambient music is fluffy clouds. For their fourth studio album, this prolific German group who also went on to compose for films created their seminal work, Phaedrawhich captures them in the net of some galactic drama that verges on opera.

This was the first time they used the Moog sequencer and one of the first commercial records to feature sequencers of any sortso their process had to be rewired. In fact, their inexperience with the gear led to accidental happenings, such as the recording of the title track. The album was released to wide acclaim, thanks in no small part to an endorsement by John Peel, which helped land the album on U. Brian Eno, Ambient 1: Music for Airports Brian Eno didn't invent the ambient genre, though a lot of people assume he did.

But he did bring it much wider attention, and his definition of ambient is still the definition many people use. My intention is to produce original pieces ostensibly but not exclusively for particular times and situations with a view to building up a small but versatile catalogue of environmental music suited to a wide variety of moods and atmospheres.

This is the album that connects the dots of being between two places, with the familiar liminal space of much ambient music represented by the airport. Music for Airports would be the first in his influential Ambient series.

But their rebellious, Illuminati-obsessed, art-school attitude belies the subtle beauty of their work. Chill Out is their undisputed masterpiece, following a long tradition of the English looking to the American South for inspiration. A concept album, Chill Out conjures a late night train ride from Texas to Louisiana in some imaginary theater of the mind. With field recordings and sounds cribbed from BBC documentaries and sound effects albums, Chill Out incorporates seemingly disparate parts — country, trance, preacher sermons, dub, and classical — into an effortless, ghostly rave that's somehow always been there.

While they're not as famous as they should be here in the States, The KLF bridged the gap between house and ambient, esoteric and approachable, abstract and narrative, and this recording ushered in a new era of interest in the ambient genre.

James, this is the one. And unlike most of the LPs on this list, Selected Ambient Works feels more like individual tracks or songs that work just as well as on their own as they do as part of a whole.

Pelino patate i genietti in attrezzi speciali

The Orb aka the KLF-affiliated Alex Paterson and a rotating cast of collaborators were not shy when it came to sampling. Their recipe was full of found sound, speeches and field recordings, dubbed and mixed on top of original instrumentation — which was pretty novel at the time. This would vault The Orb into star status, and Paterson, along with co-producer Thomas Fehlmann, is still at it today. Global Communication, This first full-length from Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard's Global Communication project is a prime example of British ambient electronic music in the mid-'90s.

Unlike some of the British peers, Middleton and Pritchard eschewed sampling in favor of generating original sounds. If there is intelligent life out there, these are the peaceful melodies we should be broadcasting to them.

Tetsu Inoue, Ambiant Otaku Japanese producer Tetsu Inoue's Ambiant Otaku was mythic for most of the '90s, as it was released in a very limited run, and torrenting wasn't a thing yet. People seeking out his minimalist, John Cage-esque take on the genre were ready to hand over princely sums for this record.We have thankfully now left behind an extended period when ambient music seemed to have gone out of fashion, being seen as some sort of embarrassing mistake of the recent past.

Without a doubt, ambient is back! Settle yourself in for a long, relaxing journey through some of the best ambient music in history. The Virgin label was home to a huge number of records influential on the formation of the ambient genre during the 70s. Ambient really returned to popularity as the rave scene called for rooms in which the addled could reflect and recover.

The album was lapped up by a highly receptive public, and the FSOL duo and their more obviously psychedelic alias, Amorphous Androgynous, have remained a cult favourite ever since. One of the factors driving the current revival in ambient music is the recognition finally being received for the newer wave of composers working between that genre and classical music, something which has been a factor of ambient recordings since the beginning.

Wait a minute vocal sample

Both artists are pioneers in the ambient genre and have continued to influence and produced classic sonic tapestries of incredible beauty.

Nice to see Rainbow Dome Music. Really need to get a grip of what ambient music is. Most of your list is new age, definitely not ambient. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Features Latest News. Share Tweet. Listen to the best ambient music on Spotify. Related Topics Lee Donovan May 10, at pm. Edward WinterRose July 4, at pm.

Arcoroc catalogue 2018

Alan Battison July 26, at am. Joe G.A great ambient album can provide a space to step into, or make the trees on your morning walk seem a little taller and the light a little more vivid or the world seem a little more like a dream. When Brian Eno set the rules for the genre in with Music for Airports and the subsequent Ambient series, ambient music was simpler; he defined it as "as ignorable as it is interesting. Forty years later, ambient can mean anything from slow-moving tape loops to earsplitting Ampex noise.

Hell, St. Vincent's Masseduction is even classified as "ambient pop" on Wikipedia. Music that gets slapped with the genre tag isn't always ignorable -- or interesting, for that matter. And the music that still hews to Eno's hoary old adages isn't always ambient, either.

The swirling, stoned dub techno tracks of Topdown Dialectic and the soupy digital jazz of Sam Wilkes are a lot closer to one another than what you'd hear in most dance or jazz clubs. In a way, ambient is a center of gravity towards which all music is attracted in The rise of streaming and curated playlists means it's easier to non-committally enjoy music than ever before. Mainstream pop and rock are mellower than they've been since the stoned '60s.

Even Spotify's RapCaviar playlist is sort of ambient. It's worth wondering in whether ambient music still even has a place when one can simply find a Spotify playlist for a fix of unobtrusive drift music.

But a great ambient album can still provide a space to step into, or make the trees on your morning walk seem a little taller and the light a little more vivid or the world seem a little more like a dream.

The ten albums on this list come from disparate scenes and sources -- bloghaus vets, new age gurus, crusty New York art weirdos, smooth L. It may seem odd to start out a list of the best ambient and instrumental albums of with a record that is filled to the brim with vocals and lyrics, but for anyone paying attention to former dance club impresarios James Shaw and Jas Ford of Simian Mobile Disco, they have come a long way since their lates debut in the post-Europop landscape.

The 10 Best Ambient/Instrumental Albums of 2018

In full collaboration with the Deep Throat Choir, Simian Mobile Disco's sixth full-length is a stunning gem that alternates between lovely ambient works drenched in waves of vocals to more straightforward drum-machine-driven soundscapes. Even when things go a little more traditionally dance or the Deep Throat Choir's lyrics are directly in front of you, Murmurations ' magic is that it still manages to pull all these threads together, making an album that puts you in a very specific headspace but one that is as thrilling as it is relaxing, as daring as it is familiar.

It's simply a must-hear record for fans of the band, fans of electronic music, and fans of losing your headspace in an album over and over again. When Yussef Kamaal's LP Black Focus dropped in latefans of jazz and funk alike were blown away by what they heard: a kinetic fusion of Miles Davis' On the Corner experiments mixed with more contemporary styles and structure to say nothing of the great use of synths throughout.

One of the highlights from the record was the incredible guitar work of Mansur Brown, a year-old prodigy who showed talent well beyond his years. What's even more remarkable than his young age? His incredible debut album, Shiroi. Looping simple phrases in with quick drum work and definite sense of self, this is the perfect kind of album to introduce casual jazz observers to what's going on in the now while also soundtracking any nighttime drive through a city you will ever take, the kind where you see streetlights stretch their forms against the curve of your windshield and you sit back and wonder what it all means.

Yes, it's that kind of record: driving, dramatic, compelling, and cool all at the same time. If you're an ambient artist that's about to put out a double-disc set of music, you better have the chops to back it up, lest your listeners fall asleep in your soundscapes.

Thankfully, M. Geddes Gengras is not amateur, and Light Pipe is his brilliant, expansive tenth solo effort. While some may recognize him for his more dance-minded moniker Personable, there is a gravity that runs through Light Pipe 's extensive runtime that makes it stand out from so many other ambient titles, due in part to the fact that some of these songs stretch out well past the minute mark, allowing him to fully explore a droned-out groove without fear of having to edit himself short.

Gengras' style may be somewhat abrasive to some, but those willing to invest over two hours of their time into Light Pipe 's expansive world will be handsomely rewarded. A liquid by definition takes the form of its container, and that the eight aqueous, sloshing tracks on Topdown Dialectic's debut all cut off after precisely five minutes long suggests that they could go on for six or ten or 30 minutes if they wanted.

Dub techno, the turn-of-the-millennium style in which the mysterious outfit traffics, is synonymous with endless, stoned drift; indeed Topdown Dialectic slips by unobtrusively enough to make for great morning-commute listening. But Topdown's restraint and razor-sharp focus means this weightless music sounds fearsome and formidable. Dub techno is a conservative genre, but far from just repurposing bits of old Basic Channel tracks, Topdown Dialectic can sound like Teutonic laptop scientists, cheeky breakbeat revivalists or club-clobbering party-starters when they want -- all while maintaining the corroded, cloudy feeling that makes this music so interesting in the first place.

Mary Lattimore's Hundreds of Days revels in the harp's spiritual qualities: not only in its connotations of angels and paradise and Alice Coltrane but in its potential as an instrument one can zone out on, plucking away blindly and losing oneself. It's no wonder Kurt Vile commissioned her to play on his slacker odyssey Bottle It Inwhich sits at a similar intersection of folk and ambient psychedelia.

Best of Ambient Space Music HD

Once Lattimore gets going she really gets going, following her fingers deeper into pieces that drift into double-digit runtimes and seamlessly merge the sound of her instrument with all sorts of fluttering electronics, plus some new sounds including her own voice.

The sheer size of Lattimore's harp means she can often squeeze only herself and the instrument into her car in tour, but hearing Hundreds of Days it's easy to imagine Lattimore sitting at her harp and drifting Vanessa Carlton-style deeper into some enchanted wood.

32 Best Ambient Albums Ever Made

Spanish producer Agustin Mena started out making dub techno before eliminating all aspects of his sound except distant, mile-wide chords.Here's a list of the stuff that are played most in my phone through these nights.

I know there are many many more great stuff along these but these are my personal favorites. So feel free to mention other works and add it to the list cause a top ten is far from enough for this great dark world :relaxed:. Well this album which so many people know and love is the most griefful work on the list. After "Dream of a Dead Sun" makes you familiar with what you're about to get intothe great "Tortured By Solitude" begins the real sorrow with great violin work and it follows you to the end.

7 essential Japanese ambient and new age records

So here's the great Filosofem that needs little introduction. Creation of Varg Vikernes was among the first to combine the ambient music with the second wave of black metal.

The song "Dunkelheit" is the crown of this dark masterpiece. Well this one is different than other albums here as you can guess from the sub genre. This switch between raw and softer sound keeps up until you reach the last track"The Great White Emptiness"One of the most beautiful and emotional instrumentals in my whole life.

I always call it "Great Summoning" :smiley:. It was difficult as fuck to choose among different masterpieces that they have created. Surely no band can create such epic atmosphere close to Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Their music can create clear visions of landscapes,battlefields and lots of other fantasy imaginations that you don't usually hear in any band out there. A long journey into infinite dark atmosphere through a well organized double-length album. Tracks are written very simple and repetitive but in an extremely emotional and mystical way that can make you ignore it's simplicity.

Some great instrumentals are also thrown in between that makes some pauses on the thick ambience. But their "Autumn Aurora" definitely needed the atmosphere to create what they wanted. The intro makes it clear that the album is going to be a fucking aurora just like the title. The Rhythms mostly shift on drums as the minor changes on guitar riffs follow the process. The German two-man two-brothers band started their work with traditional bmjumped on some dsbm elementsthen they became more complex on their two last releases "Andacht" and "Hoagascht".

ambient albums reddit

Their last album begins with a magically beautiful ambient work with clean vocalsthen shortly shows their great creativity with both atmospheric riffs and odd ambient moments wich follow them. Through out the whole album the magical feeling keeps it's presence. The band has announced that it's a reflection from their birth place and the feel from their childhood when they ventured into forests. It has always been difficult for me to describe Blut Aus Nord's sound or categorize them and I have always confessed.


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