Bafang error 12

have hit the mark. something also..

Bafang error 12

I have no idea how I got this much mud inside the drive unit.


Almost anyone with very little technical know how can order a drive kit and 48vv battery pack and have it installed and running on almost any bike with hours of work. The problems arise when things suddenly stop working. This leaves most BBS02 owners with the difficult task of troubleshooting and fixing their own technical problems. Want to figure out all your problems? Buy 2 identical drive units from the get-go.

As with any technical problem the first thing you have to do is break the problem down into a series of steps. My advice when you buy a BBS02 drive unit is to buy two instead. They are relatively cheap and that will give you a bike you can ride with your significant other or friends with. You could also create a commuter bike and a trail riding bike. I am the proud owner of no less than 8 drive units mounted on different bikes and at least one of them is always broken at any given time.

Having more than one drive unit is a great way to swap parts around and find out exactly what is wrong. When you start troubleshooting the BBS02 the first thing you need to figure out is the problem with the battery or with the drive unit.

A messed up pack or a pack with poor electrical connections can often read full voltage with a normal voltage meter but as soon as there is any load on it the voltage can drop precipitously.

With a watt meter in line between the drive unit and the battery it becomes immediately obvious if the problem is with the drive unit or with the battery. If the watt meter shuts off then that means the BMS on the battery is cutting out and the problem is on the battery side. You can buy a Amp watt meter from lunacycle. If your connector looks like this it might be time for a replacement. The higher your voltage is the worse the problem seems to get. A visual inspection of the connector should show if arcing has damaged the contact points.

If the plastic connector has started to melt or the contact is black and damaged then replacing the connector is recommended. Put the female plug on the battery side to minimize shorting risks.

If the ebrake sensor is busted or accidentally active then the drive unit will not do anything when it is on and the display is active and you will think it is a dead controller.

bafang error 12

Unplug the connectors for both ebrakes and the Giant Green Button if you have one before testing anything else. Are you lucky enough to have thrown a code? I never am. There is a infinitesimally small chance that you are lucky enough to have a code display on your BBS02 display. The most common of these codes is the 21 code which shows a problem with the speedo. I use a small piece of gorilla tape wrapped around the spoke and then locktite the magnet sensor down to the spoke as hard as I can.This means no data is displayed and there is no ability to change assist levels once the error is registered.

Thankfully the motor continues to work and because there is delay before the Error 21 is registered there is time to set the desired assist level. So all up there is not a total loss of functionality, more a loss convenience. Fixing the problem at the motor is a bit more involved as the controller needs to removed and the wiring or connection issue sorted if possible. An alternative fix is a using a reed switch speed sensor. From that thread discussion I got the idea of swapping out the Bafang BBS speed sensor for a simple reed switch speed sensor commonly found on low-end bicycle computers.

As it was I had a speed sensor extension which I no longer use following the switch over to the Giant Defy 1 so I had something to experiment with. The Bafang BBS speed sensor cable is a three-wire configuration: red, white and black and the TIAU bicycle computer sensor switch is a two wire cable: black and black. I joined the white and black wires from the Bafang cable to the twin wires from the TIAU sensor, hence leaving the red wire unconnected. Preliminary testing indicates that TIAU speed sensor is performing as expected and I am getting a speed reading on the C display and no Error Wiring using the speed sensor extension cable whilst giving more length than I need does give me a joining point and the option to down the track to go back to a Bafang speed sensor if required.

I feel that I have been able to tidy the wiring up sufficiently to give this repair a decent run to see how it works. I also made use of some self-amalgamating tape to waterproof the connection.

With winter coming on I guess I will find out if this taping has done the trick or not. I have exactly the same problem with my Bafang. Have tried to install a reed sensor but I get no response when I move the magnet in front of the sensor. Do you think I need to reset the display? IIRC I was not getting any voltage at all. I assume that you have wired the reed switch sensor to the white and black wires, leaving the red isolated?

My new bafang motor is throwing error code 21 as well. After initial turn on the battery indicator flashes empty and after a moment or two of throttle the error code 21 appears. Strangely enough the speed sensor seems to be working properly before the error code, as long as no throttle is applied the display registers speed and the small red light on the sensor itself functions.

Bafang Ultra Range Test - Stress Test Full Ride - eBa Prototype Mk1

PAS also works as normal. Any thoughts? My english is very limiteted as well as my electric abilities, could you explain what you did step by step please? Hope im not asking too much, this is a verh annoying problem.

Im having the same problem with my BBSHD Display C, the error 21 is a very annoying thing, im new on this things and now i have a problem like this, seems to have not a simple solution eh? If it is less than what. Otherwise, instead of stressing out about it and trying to fix something using second hand knowledge, and possibly stuffing it up more, just pay a bike mechanic that knows e bikes to do the job. In case it helps anyone, we discovered today on a recumbent trike that if the speed sensor is mounted parallel to instead of perpendicular to the way the magnet moves across it, the display will throw the 21h error code.

I was getting the error 21 also untill I changed the position of my censor like you said and it works fine now no more error Thank you very much for sharing what you discovered.

Hey, thanks for comment.

bafang error 12

Fresh installed bbs02 here and sensor was not working with the metal-thing mounted. However if I moved the magnet by hand the sensor registered it. Thanks dude, you saved me a lot of trouble. That fixed mine too — the circular sensor that points at the magnet on the wheel had been bumped so it was pointing at the sky instead. Once back in its correct position, no more problems.

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Thanks, Dirk W and Aushiker. Today So something's not working quite right with your Bafang Motor Kit. Don't panic! These are DIY conversion kits, so you have to be prepared to get your hands dirty and do some tinkering every once and a while! Unplug and replug your throttle making sure to line up the arrows and pins to ensure proper connection when reconnecting the throttle. Make sure the throttle pins aren't bent.

If Step 1 does not solve the error, unplug and replug all of the connections on your kit Main Wiring Harness display, throttle, brake levers including the Main Wiring Harness connection with the motor lead and Battery connections with the motor leads. Make sure no pins are damaged on the Main Wiring Harness and line up the arrows and pins when reconnecting everything to ensure proper connection.

If Step 2 does not solve the error, unplug just the throttle from your kit. Does the error go away? You need a new throttle. Your battery pack is providing insufficient voltage.

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Charge your battery pack! Make sure you are using a 48V or 52V battery with your kit.

Kenwood manuals

Your battery pack is providing too high of a voltage. First unplug and replug all of the connections on your kit including all of the Main Wiring Harness connections display, throttle, brake levers and all of the Motor lead connections with the Battery and Speed Sensor. If Step 1 doesn't solve the error, the Hall Sensor plug connection white plug from your controller to your motor core may have come loose or has silicone interference impeding the connection.

In order to fix this, you need to loosen the controller from the motor to unplug and replug the white Hall Sensor plug.

You will need to check all the pins on the white plug to make sure they are straight and remove any silicone interference from the connection area and then properly replug the white plug back into the motor core. If Step 2 doesn't solve the error, you either need a new Hall Sensor or may need a whole new motor core if the motor windings were burnt and blown, which caused the Hall sensor to malfunction.

But just in case There is a slim possibility that it could be one of the plugs from the controller is not properly connected to the motor core. You can open up the controller and check the plugs into the motor core.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

bafang error 12

Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not getting pedal assist power, and intermittent throttle response. Thread starter CorbtheBorg Start date Aug 7, CorbtheBorg New Member.

Just like the title says, having no power via pedal assist when riding. Throttle works intermittently. Anyone have this problem? I checked all wires and connections. Magnet is on the spoke in proper position. Getting speed reading from the display when wheel is turning. Kinda stuck and not sure what to do. Last edited: Aug 8, Ann M. Well-Known Member. CorbtheBorg ; something happened when you uploaded the images and they do not display properly.

I've deleted the old attachments so you can try again. Please make one image full size and the others, select Thumb. All thumbs will view at full size when clicked on. Without seeing your images I can't say for sure that there's not an issue with the PTS sensor; occasionally they are faulty or not aligned closely enough.

Combined with the throttle issue this is most likely a faulty controller; however, I do suggest that you check that all of the connectors are snugly fitted to the controller. With the bike in a stand or carefully turned upside down use a small box or block shoved under the stem to keep the handlebars off the ground turn the bike on and wiggle wires gently while turning the cranks or using the throttle.

This may indicate that their's a wiring harness problem which could still be associated with a faulty controller. A couple of other questions: Is this a new bike?

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If so, contact Biktrix immediately for warranty help. How long have these issues been going on? Was it a sudden start to the problem or gradual?Forums New posts Search forums.

Not getting pedal assist power, and intermittent throttle response

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Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Ann M. Start date Apr 19, Ann M. Well-Known Member. No ebike is perfect, this is a thread dedicated to sharing known issues or problems with electric motors from Bafang as well as any help and solutions you know of. Sometimes that means a DIY fix and other times it can mean a recall, software update or part replacement by a dealer. Please be respectful and constructive with feedback, this is not a space for hate speech.

In many cases, representatives from the company will see feedback and use it to improve their product. In the end, the goal is to enjoy riding and help each other go further and be safer. Dana B New Member. I'm a newbie in these forums so hopefully I am posting in the right place!Page of 20 Go.

Quick Links. Suzhou Bafang Electric Motor. Read carefully before use. Keep for later. Table of Contents. UART Manual 16 pages. Please adhere to the exact recommended torque when and pointers, providing important information tightening this connection.

The correct about your new pedelec and how to use it, mounting torque is either displayed on the referring to possible damage to property and the component. Page 4: For Your Safety If the pedelec starts damage the chain and serious injury may result.

Page 6: Display dp C UART 1. The e-bike enters the walk When the battery status is normal, a certain number of the battery LCD segments as well as the border light up Press for 2 seconds.

Bafang BBS Speed Sensor Error 21 Fix

The gures indicate the minutes that it takes to automatically shut down The MAX-C display can show e-bike faults. When a fault is detected, the icon will be displayed. If you do not use your Pedelec for an extended If the battery of your Pedelec is equipped with an period of time, remove the battery, charge it Make sure that the pedals of your Pedelec are This manual is also suitable for: Bt c Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 20 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. New posts Trending Search forums.

bafang error 12

What's new. New media New comments Search media. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Bafang BBS01 error 7. Thread starter kjetilhk Start date Mar 5, May 25, 13 0 plus. In recent weeks, my BBS01 has displayed "error 7" when I start the engine in the morning.

After a few seconds, the message disappears and the bike works normally. It also happened that I had to ride a few hundred meters before the engine started.

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Is this a battery or an engine problem? Could this be related to the subzero temperatures? May 15, 7, 2, Error codes: 04 Throttle no homing 05 Throttle abnormality 06 Low voltage protection 07 Over voltage protection 08 Hall sensor abnormality 09 Phase line abnormality 10 Controller overheat 11 Temperature sensor in controller abnormality 12 Current sensor abnormality 21 Speed sensor abnormality 22 Communication abnormality in BMS the LCD says that voltage of your battery is too high.

You may have programmed the LCD with the wrong voltage? Reactions: KirstinS. I have ridden over km without any problems, so why would the battery suddenly have higher voltage? And it is only when I start the engine. Would it be safe to program the controller to accept higher voltage? The voltage peek is only for a few seconds anyway. At least you can discount some of the possibilities.

Deleted member Guest. Is it a LiFePO4 battery? After you've charged it, you should measure the voltage just to be sure that your charger isn't faulty and over-charging. It shouldn't be higher than 42v. Assuming that you're below that, the HVC must be wrongly programmed in your controller, which is nothing to worry about if it is. I measured the voltage before charge to 37,5 after riding 80 minutes.


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